For 12 years now I have written for and from the perspective of mother. I have offered honest accounts of both the highs and the lows. I have sang songs of lament to you (and with some of you) from places and spaces where death seemed imminent - to sit at the doorstep for myself or my child. I have carefully crafted truthful tales of mountain tops and monsters; and woven words of wonder at how goodness prevails. And most recently, I have traversed little “t” and big “T” traumas openly living alongside you with a brand of dis-ease and dysfunction and joy that I never knew to exist, until I did.

Today, while all of this influences Reclamation, my sole (and soul) purpose in this newsletter is to - with you - claim and claim again a peace that surpasses all understanding… come what may.

Every word here is meant to honor the mystery of good and God in real, raw motherhood and life. Every breath poured out here an avenue to normalize acceptance, surrender, and bliss in complicated bodies and lives. Even if we simultaneously question every inch of it all.

It’s a long road home, my dear.

Unless, of course, we manifest home & Heaven here.

About Me

I’m Jennifer - an author, writer postpartum doula, and maternal-child mental health advocate. I am a survivor. And I am the wife of a saint (note the little “s”); the mother of two brilliant humans; and the homeschool teacher of one neurodivergent firecracker, our Bliss.

Over the last decade of surviving and often thriving with chronic disease - my work, research, advocacy, and activism have been within the tender space of mothering us: humans, women, and most specifically - those who mother. When I come alongside women through both wellness and faith practices it is with one intent. And that is - quite simply - to see more incredible humans thrive.

I will say this a million times over:

Our children will know their value & worth through mothers who claim their own, dear friend.

I’m so glad that you are here.

I love you,

J. 🌻 @thebarefootpreacher

Jennifer Magnano

It is my deepest intention to honor our collective wilderness and wildness, suffering and strife, Beloved. You are invited for to click subscribe and/or share Reclamation with those whom you love.

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