Welcome to Hope Notes!

I’m Jennifer Magnano - the hands and heart behind Hope Notes, a newsletter dedicated to an exploration of embodied hope - and ways to live “less wounded” at the intersection of faith and intergenerational (and more specifically maternal-child) mental health. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of community, collaboration, conversation, resources, and light.

The conversation part is what I enjoy most.

When I began my mothering journey I found myself knitting together friendships, mentorship, certifications (so, so many), advice, and resources… And over a decade later, the design hasn’t been completed yet. There is still room for more. There is room for open dialogue and continued growth around - and for -a place and space so simultaneously life-giving and life-shattering few are left unscathed: motherhood.

About Me

I’m a doula and a writer. I am reconstructing my faith. And I am the wife of a saint (note the little “s”) as well as the mother of two miracle kids. My youngest is neurodivergent with too many labels and not enough at all the same time. And my life’s work is to be here now - and while I’m here, interrupt cyclical intergenerational trauma and pain.

Since 2011, I have bared my soul relentlessly to masses of women and families across the country and around the world. And life truly has become better for it.

P.S. - If you have ever pondered over how God is shaping your wildness for His glory… I’m with you.

Also, I am for you. I am for you knowing your value and your worth right here - and claiming it. This might just be how we change the world.

Will you claim it with me?

Will you seek out hope come what may?

We are better together, we are worthy of feeling the best we can in the skin we are in and the life we are living, and we are made with purpose and intent for such a time as this… Or at least that’s what I presently believe!

Note: By sticking around you can count on at least one newsletter each month.

In 2022, it is my deepest intention to build out a real community for us. For a nominal fee, paid subscribers will receive a bonus newsletter, audio recordings, personal insight into parenting and postpartum goodness, exclusive interviews with like hearts, and other beautiful things.

With Love,


Jennifer Magnano